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Our Guys

This page was last updated: April 30, 2021
Misty is a blue mitted mink.  She is a dollbaby. Misty has beautiful kittens and is an excellent mother, she has even stepped in and taken kittens from other mother cats to raise as hers, she took care of Skunk for us when Reanna could no longer care for him. 
Our Girls
Sammy Boy aka Skunk - Retired
​Sammy Boy aka Skunk is a blue bicolor mink van. He is one of our own kittens from Reanna and Prince William. He has a wonderful soft coat and beautiful markings.
Mandy is Hannah's blue bicolor traditional daughter, her father is Sir Dakota. She has a wonderful silky coat and beautiful blue eyes.

Princess is our own daughter of Misty and Prince William, she has a mischievous but sweet personality

Kit is a seal mitted lynx with a beautiful coat and awesome personality. 
Thank you Laurie and Rob Harris of Rags2Love!

Luna is a granddaughter of Misty and Prince William. 
Her father Knucklehead is a flame point. She is a blue tortie. She is a great addition to our cattery.
Biker Bunny
​Bunny is a seal mitted mink. She is a daughter of Misty and Prince William. Luna is her daughter. We are very excited to add her to our cattery, she has beautiful kittens. She has a wonderful personality to go with her good looks.
Rags2Love Kit EKat of MooresMtnRags -Retired
MooresMtnRags Princess Of Blue Mist -Retired
Biker Chick Luna Of Mooresmtnrags
BluemoonRags MtnRags Ghost Walker
Walker is a flame colorpoint from Bluemoonrags in Washington. He is handsome, has a very soft coat and purrs constantly! He is purrfect! Thank you Christina for this awesome boy!
Mooresmtnrags Biker Chick Lilly Kat
Lilly is the beautiful seal mitted mink daughter of Luna and Kit. She has a very soft full coat, a wonderful very playful personality. Giving us her bored attitude.
Rusticrags Claire
Claire comes to us from Laurie Whitley from Oklahoma.
Thank you Laurie for such a wonder girl!
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